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Legal Information

The information on this website has been carefully collected. Yet, we take care that the information transmitted to you does not involve any legal infringements. Should any content on our website or in links be known to you implying legal infringements, we may kindly ask you to instantly notify us for the respective content to be removed.

The content of this website respects the copyright law and is placed at the disposal of internet users solely for private use. Every use beyond that purpose is not admissible.

Data Protection

As musicians, we take seriously the protection of confidential information. Visiting our website, you leave – even if you might not be aware if it – tracks in the form of digital data. In this data protection policy, we would like to elucidate which data these are and how we implement the legal regulations of data protection.

Principally, our website is purely informative, i.e. you can surf on it without having to give any personal details. You find no contact form and you do not have to tell us who you are and why you visit our site. Should you have a request, please feel free to contact us via email.


Cookies are small text files saved to your device by your browser when you surf in the internet. The so-called “sessions-cookies” are deleted when you leave our website. Other cookies, e.g. of a third party, remain stored on your computer.

The settings of your browser allow you to decide if you want to accept cookies or not, or if the browser shall automatically delete the cookies after surfing. If you deactivate the utilization of cookies, there might be functional restrictions while using our website.

You can delete cookies from your computer without any risk by finding the cookie folder with the search function of your operating system and deleting all files in it, or by using an Internet Privacy Software which does that for you.

Server Log-Files

Our website is hosted on a cloud server of Hetzner Online GmbH. This is a company offering since 1997 various products in the field of web hosting and cloud services. Hetzner Online GmbH collects and saves data in so-called Log-Files, i.e. in the form of automated protocols which grasp certain services on the server.

Among these access data are the IP address of the user, the time of the access including the time zone, the notification of a successful or unsuccessful call, the name and version of your browser, your operating system and the referrer URL of the page visited.

These data are archived and will be deleted after a certain period. The page of the provider gives you further details.

We do not use these Log-Files to find out your identity, and we do not combine them with other data. We reserve the right to additionally check these Server-Log-Files, should there be concrete evidence of an illicit use.

Contact Form

When filling out the contact form, we ask you for personal information (first name, last name), contact information (email address) and your request.

We need this information to respond to you and understand what you are concerned about. All other information is voluntary.

Our server stores this information in the form of an email that is forwarded to us. We do not share any of this information with third parties and would inform you immediately or obtain your consent if requested.

If this method of contact is too insecure for you, we may ask you to present your request by telephone.

SSL Encryption

While visiting our website, you will notice that all pages are securely encrypted and transmitted via the SSL-protocol. You can verify this by the fact that the address of these pages starts with https:// and not http://. You will also detect a gray lock in front of the address line. When you click onto it, you can have a look at the kind and duration of the certificate. All the data which you transfer to us while surfing are thus protected and cannot be read (deciphered) by a third party.

Your Right to the Information, Blocking and Deletion of Data

The federal law of data protection gives you the right to inform yourself about the collection and processing of your personal data without any costs. You also have the right to have these data corrected, made unavailable to users, or deleted. You can further object an approval at any time. Just refer to us under the contact data provided above.

Modification of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to adapt this privacy policy in case of changes of our website, a new legal position or other necessities. The actual version will always be displayed on this Web page. We may ask you to regularly consult the content of this privacy policy.

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